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"Lay readers, students and scientists alike, will find this book entertaining, informative, insightful and a genuine pleasure to read.

Dr. Moira Dolan is truly a gifted writer and medical  historian."

—  Marian Lewis, PhD

"Excellent book...

I congratulate you on your originality in peering into the murky pool

of laureate accomplishment and taking note not just of the rightness

but even the wrongness to be found there."

— William Campbell, FRS, PhD, winner 2015 Nobel Prize in Medicine

'Physician Dolan follows up Boneheads and Brainiacs with this fascinating study of the winners of the Nobel Prize in Medicine from 1951 to 1975. This wide-ranging look at the lives behind the discoveries is just right for pop-science fans. "

(Aug.) Publisher'

“[Biographies] as entertaining and sometimes disturbing as they are informative…”

“The book’s descriptions of the research processes employed by the prizewinners are fascinating and accessible.” “Heroes & Scoundrels comes as a timely, necessary warning against accepting the pronouncements of medical “experts” without question.”

— Kristine Morris (Foreword Reviews September / October 2022)

"An inherently fascinating, impressively informative,

thoughtful and thought-provoking read from cover to cover...

unreservedly recommended."

— Alan Greenspan, Midwest Book Review

"I was alternately delighted, surprised, and dismayed ... 

very enlightening, extremely interesting and fun."

 ― Eleanor McCulley, RN

"A lively, engaging series of insights into how success is achieved,

either purposefully or by accident."

― The Bookwatch

"We tend to think of Nobel Prize winners, especially in medicine, as some sort of gods, but they are merely fallible humans and some are quite offbeat. 

Get it and read it and be prepared to learn and be entertained!"

Lauren DeWitt, B.S. Pharmacy

 Heroes & Scoundrels
available wherever books are sold

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