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In Heroes & Scoundrels
the good, the bad, and the ugly among winners of the Nobel Prize in Medicine (1951 -1975) are explored in entertaining biographies of the world’s most highly recognized scientists of the 20th century.

From unapologetic Nazis to dedicated humanitarians who carried out prize-winning research while being resistance fighters or peace activists, these engaging true stories reveal the depths of both the human strength and depravity of the people who forged medical progress.

Heroes & Scoundrels

is available wherever books are sold!

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Boneheads & Brainiacs

profiles Nobel laureates from 1901 to 1950,

a surprisingly diverse group of racists, cranks and opportunists as well as heroes, geniuses, and selfless benefactors of humanity, revealing the messy human reality behind medical progress in a highly entertaining read for the non-medical reader.


It was published in March 2020,

just in time to inform readers of the sometimes wacky characters who

contribute to national medical policies!

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